About Open War HQ

Open War HQ is aimed to be a modern remake of the classic DOS game "Command HQ" developed by Dani Bunten. It will take advantage of today's possibilities in software development (such as easy networking for nearly arbitrary numbers of players, and yes, the graphics will be nicer :) ) while retaining the simplicity of the old game, which makes it very addictive especially for casual players.

Command HQ was developed by Dan Bunten for Microprose and released in 1990. According to the Wikipedia article for Bunten, he was given the choice between doing a computer version of "Axis and Allies" or "Civilization" and went, probably upon persuasion by Sid Meier, for Axis and Allies, which was then to become Command HQ.

Command HQ is one of the first real time strategy games ever, preceding the more famous Dune II and the even more famous Command & Conquer. It differs quite a bit from the "typical" real time strategy games in lacking the base building part. The game play could be described best as being more of a Panzer General in real time.

Bunten wrote a memorial for the game which you can read here.